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Reclaim the World’s Information.

Timpi is the world's first completely decentralized search engine. Our mission is to deliver freedom & unbiased access to information. Not only freedom to have your Data and Privacy protected, you also have the freedom to make your own choices without being manipulated. Timpi is Powered and governed by you, for you.

End Big Tech's Information Control

End Big Tech's Information Control

Big Tech owns 95% of the search market. They control it all. The information we consume, the tools that shape societies’ beliefs, and the persuasion that benefits their bottom line. You are their product. They monetize your data and personal information. Timpi puts people back in charge by democratizing information.

Your data. Your privacy. Your power. Access unbiased information, powered by you.


A Search Engine That Delivers the Truth

Timpi empowers you through search results that are open, ethical and free of any corporate agenda. Know More. 

Search Results Without Bias
Search Results Without Bias

Timpi delivers search results that empower you with credible information that is not skewed or filtered by Big Tech. Our results are as good as the world’s top search engines but are free of in-line ads, endless scrolling, and monetization of your clicks.

Powered and Governed by People
Powered and Governed by People

Timpi always delivers search results that reflect the interests and ethics of the community, not tech monopolies. No more corporate agendas. No more bias. Simply ‘Know More’ with Timpi — search results for you and people like you. 

Protect Your Data. 
Empower Your Life.
Protect Your Data. Empower Your Life.

Timpi is the safe way to search and browse without risking your personal data. No more monetizing of your info. No more invasive tracking or targeting of your online life.

Learn and Know More with Timpi — search results for you and people like you. 

Decentralized Search, Powered by You

Timpi is the world’s first completely decentralized search engine. That means your data and privacy is protected and cannot be accessed without your approval. We deliver superior search-engine capabilities in cyber security and access to information. Our users earn rewards, too.

Learn and Know More with Timpi — search results for you and people like you.

GeoCore: Fast and Decentralized Cyber Security

GeoCore Hubs are spread worldwide to ensure all search requests are served fast and accurately. A GeoCore Hub provides users with three key benefits:

  1. Security: The Timpi network is separated from our search users, which makes it impossible for an attacker to compromise our decentralized system. 
  2. Quality: The web server handles and coordinates search requests instantly. The GeoCore determines whether the request can be served from the local cache or sent to the Information Broker, which coordinates the Guardian connections. 
  3. Accuracy: The power of request analysis sets our search results apart — search terms, spelling, word vector analysis, historical behaviour synonym analysis, and lexical synonym analysis are part of our value.
Collectors: Crawl the Web and Earn Rewards

Collectors are decentralized “workers” that connect to the closest GeoCore via API and perform the crawling operations and works on any system. This system is completely invisible and segregated from the front-end search service via the GeoCore. That way, Timpi can ensure that each Collector’s security is not compromised when it runs our software. Become a Collector and mine Timpi tokens for the websites that your workers crawl. All you need is to download our Collector dApp, connect your wallet, and start collecting the web.

Guardians: Index of the Entire Internet

The Internet contains more than 1.7 billion websites, with 250,000 new sites created every day. To index the entire contents of the web, Timpi requires a vast amount of storage. That is why we use Guardians — distributed storage nodes. The Guardians distribute the data onto many nodes that are run by the community. Guardians store the data from the collectors. Becoming a Guardian requires meeting a high technical threshold. Once status is achieved, Guardians earn great rewards and even more coveted Timpi tokens.

Want to learn more about our technology?

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Timpi Rewards & Empowers our Community

Timpi Rewards & Empowers our Community

Timpi compensates our community and contributors for the work and capacity they provide to the network in $TIMPI tokens. There are currently 4 different ways to be rewarded:

Timpi NFT’s:

NFTs use a digital ledger to provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership, but it does not restrict the sharing or copying of the underlying digital file. Timpi will utilize this technology to verify the activities of Reviewers, Collectors, and Guardians. In addition to the verification utility, the NFT will act as a symbol of the users' trust and participation in the Timpi network.


Timpi holders who also hold a reviewer NFT will be rewarded in $Timpi tokens in exchange for their honest reviews. A percentage of revenue will be allocated to review rewards and paid out based on the number of valid reviews.


Collectors will be rewarded in $Timpi tokens based on the number of websites they crawl. A percentage of revenue will be allocated and distributed to all collectors for that period.


Guardians will be rewarded in $Timpi tokens based on the amount of database space they allocate. A percentage of revenue will be allocated and distributed to all Guardians for that period.

Timpi is Built on Multi-Chain

Timpi is focused on building a multinational user base, both in the crypto and traditional markets. For our platform to reach the most people and tap into the best, most unique aspects of different blockchains, we need to ensure that the technology we build receives the best exposure it can. That’s why we’ve chosen multi-chain and their numerous benefits.


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